Beware of the Darkside

1:57 AM Skye Howe 0 Comments

Star Wars was the theme of the party and Darth Vadar was centre of attention.

Our Boys turned three and five and my husband requested a Darth Vadar head cake made from white chocolate mud cake that bled when we cut it. Yes you read right... He said bled!

I was somewhat horrified but went on and did my best to fulfil his request.

This is what I came up with.

And when we cut it I was concerned that we may cause some 3 and 5 year old's nightmares, There was lots of oohhs and ahhs from the kids and it caused quite a laugh amongst the adults. 

I did some bright coloured cupcakes with W and L's on them to brighten the dark mood! 

I also made some shortbread biscuits with the same design as the cupcakes 

Overall it was quite a success. 


Mindy and John's Blue Ruffle

7:37 PM Skye Howe 1 Comments

I was so excited when Mindy said that she had fallen in love with the yellow version of this cake and asked me to do it in blue.

What really appealed to Mindy was the texture of this cake. The top two tiers are white chocolate mud cake covered in white chocolate ganache made with Lindt chocolate. The bottom tier is chocolate mud cake and covered in delicious chocolate ganache. It is then covered with strips of sugar paste icing.

Mindy and John's reception was held at the Sunshine Beach venue of Coconut Grove.

This cake was recently featured as "Cake of the week " by The Brides Tree

Gorgeous photos by Maree at MD Photography :)


Happy BIrthday Ree

2:43 AM Skye Howe 1 Comments

My darling friend Maree who takes most of my photos and helps me out at the Expo's had a birthday so I suprised her with a cake.

The cake is white chocolate with a raspberry swirl and white chocolate ganache.

It was perfect to put her on the cake with her camera.

She was very happy with her surprise cake :)