Glitz and Glamour on New Years Eve

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Celebrating your birthday on New Years requires Glitz and Glamour so this cake with an edible mirror ball was  created to suit the occasion.


Hand Painted Wedding cake

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Are you looking for a wedding cake that is different to everyone else.

I was playing about today and came up with this. Its a beautiful way to create a unique wedding cake.



Dave's 40th Birthday cake

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The fabulous thing about cake is that you can personalise it for everyone. There is a little story behind every cake.

I was asked by Kelly to make a cake for her husband Dave for his 40th Birthday. Dave loves Bunnings and he is affectionately known as Telstra Dave. I was asked if I could make the kids in the car parked outside of Bunnings looking as if they were slightly unhappy about being at Bunnings again. So this is what I came up with. White chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache. Sugar paste was used to make all the decorations.

 The Kids parked out side in the van.



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Jodie and Peter wanted the classic colours of ivory and black with a touch of bling.
The roses on top are hand made from ivory sugar paste. The top tier is fruit cake and the bottom tier is gulten free chocolate mud cake.
The cake looked stunning at the location of their wedding which was decorated with hundreds of fresh roses.


Our Idea of a Christmas Tree

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A Tree of christmas cupcakes.. What a fabulous idea for your christmas table.

Or as a gift in a box of six for someone who has everything :)


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

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Ho ho ho Merry Christmas to you all. .. this is a delicious fruit cake decorated with sugar paste icing.
Available now..


Go Diego Go - for Benny

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I loved doing this is Diego cake for Benny. Cakes for kids can be just as exciting as cakes for adults I think. The excitement and reaction that you get from kids is so very rewarding. Although I didnt actually see Benny's reaction to hear what his mother Alison said about him screaming with delight makes for a very wonderful fuzzy feeling for me. (see my Testimonals for her exact words)

I knew I was on the right path when I showed my two boys, aged 2 and 4, the Diego figure and asked who it was and got the correct answer. My 2 year old still asks where Diego is whenever he comes into my cake kitchen. (cute)

The top tier was white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache and the bottom tier is chocoloate mud cake with chocolate ganache. All the decorations are made from sugarpaste icing.


Kate-Maree's 21'st Giant Cupcake

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Kate- Maree is a photographer who loves to bake cupcakes, so her mum suprised her with this giant cupcake for her 21st. The cake was a white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache covered in sugar paste icing.

The party was decorated in pink and silver so we went with pinks to compliment the room.


Maron and Scott's Wedding

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Maron and Scott wanted a beach themed wedding cake for their special day. Frangipanis and shells were essentials. The blue airbrushed colour complimented the decorations at reception just perfect. After a week of rain the sun shone for them on their wedding day. :)


Ribbons and Ruffles

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Black and White is so classic and elegant, add a touch of pink and you have something strikingly beautiful.
This eye catching beauty is to celebrate the wedding of Cazz and Dan.

 Well it is honor of it anyway as they are getting married in the UK and we cant be there so the least we could do we show them what we would like to do for them.

These fabulous photos have been taken by the very clever Maree Drew.

If you would like to see this display cake in real life head to Pelican Waters Golf club for their wedding display on Sunday October 31st .


Buzz Lightyear

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What four year old boy doesn't like Buzz Lightyear? I have seen lots of Buzz cakes good and bad. When I was asked to do a Buzz Cake I took a deep breath before saying yes. I was scared about getting him right.

He turned out pretty good and apparently Jack loved him. The cake is a white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache and then covered in sugar paste.


Christening Cake

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A beautiful blue and white christening cake for a little boy Lachlan. Simple in design but so pretty.


Rainbow Photoshoot

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Im so excited about my cake being used by Gilly at Whimsy Studio for a photo shoot for a one year old little girl. Gilly did such a fabulous job, I just love the finished product.

The cake is a White Chocolate mud cake, coloured and layered with white chocolate ganache and covered with sugar paste icing.

Thanks Gilly for the amazing photos.


Cupcakes for Arts week.

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I spent three days at Matthew Flinders Anglican College as guest Chef for arts week. We had 14 students and the aim was for them to design and make 6 beautiful cupcakes.

The first day involved sketching ideas onto paper and working out what we wanted to put on our cupcake. I decided to base mine on me and do a Skye theme. I thought of clouds, rainbows, sunny days, my family, more sleep (don't get enough these days) and of course cakes.

The second day was about baking we baked 12 delicious cupcakes from scratch and the third day was about decorating.

The students had fabulous ideas and worked really well. Using the sugar paste icing which none of the students had used before they did a great job putting their ideas together. It was a very successful three days and the students where able to display their work for all the parents with pride. It was great to be able to be apart of Arts Week 2011.

My "Skye" themed cupcakes.


Lightning McQueen

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I was really excited about doing a Lighting McQueen cake and really happy with how he turned out.


Nemo cake and cupcakes

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Nemo cake for Sean's 2nd Birthday.

I was so happy with how he turned out.

And cupcakes to match


Handbag Cake = too cute to cut

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Cherie's mum ordered a Hand Bag cake for her 40th birthday as a suprise. When she collected it she was very excited about how much Cherie was going to like it.

The design itself comes from the Planet Cake cook book. The cake is a chocolate mud cake covered in chocolate ganache and then decorate in sugar paste. The zipper is hand painted with edible gold paint.

Cherie's initals as the decal on the bag really personalised the bag.

When I rang to see if Cherie liked the cake I was told that she thought it was too nice to cut and still hadn't cut the cake two days after her party! I took that as a really big compliment.